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How to Choose a Wedding DJ

How to Choose a Wedding DJ by British DJ Wavy Davy

Your Wedding DJ

The role of your wedding DJ is to play the music you and your guests want at your wedding reception.  The DJ should also make all formal announcements during your wedding reception.  A stylish well presented DJ is favorite,  someone who looks like they care about you! Look at Nordstrom employee’s and judge!

Before you hire a wedding DJ let me tell you they can talk all about sound systems, lights and past successes…. but will they also talk about their bad testimonials?  No, of course not! Perhaps they may use a terrible practice called “bait and switch”… This is where a DJ sells him or herself to you then sends a replacement at the last minute. Tacky and very likely to spoil your special day. Make sure you have a contract. Check testimonials… Do some research… and Beware!

Let’s face it anyone can be a DJ but are they the right DJ for your special event? 

There is one way to gauge if you want to hire a particular DJ and that is simply by chatting with them… Do you LIKE the person you are talking to? Are they in a rush to get the sale? Do you feel like you are talking with a used car salesman? … Or a real honest to goodness DJ… Someone that cares…

Make sure you get to talk with your potential DJ and have a good chat.

It’s your day …. It should be your way….

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